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4th of July Activities for Kids - Revive Classic Childhood Games

4 Great Ideas for 4th of July Games

Parents should consider reviving classic outdoor games from their childhood as Fourth of July activities for kids. Make your holiday picnic or get together extra special. Listed below are 4 games you may have forgotten but have stood the test of time and will take you down memory lane.

  1. Kick the Can

    Kick the Can is an often forgotten game that has elements of capture the flag, tag, and hide and seek. Someone is "it" and finds and tags other players who go to a pretend prison but not all hope is lost. A "can" is placed in an open area near the prison and if a player kicks it without getting tagged the prisoner is set free.
  2. Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt

    In a scavenger hunt a list of items to find is defined and teams compete against other teams to try to be the first to find all the items on their list. In Treasure Hunts one or more players try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues or riddles (many people use the terms interchangeably). Traditionally, the hunt leads to a treasure (treat or gift) but it could help lead the kids into the next activity. For example, if it's a hot day, a treasure of water balloons might start a water balloon fight. This website has numerous scavenger and treasure hunts for kids including our new 4th of July Scavenger Hunt
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  4. Red Light, Green Light

    In Red Light, Green Light the players try to reach the finish line without the instructor seeing them moving. The instructor stands at the finish line with their back to the group, shouts green light or red light, and the other players respond by running or stopping. The instructor turns to face the group on red lights to catch players still moving at which point they are out of the game or start over.
  5. 4 Square

    Four Squares are drawn with chalk on the ground and numbered and the object of the game is to move up to the highest ranking square. You move up by eliminating other players by getting them to hit the ball out of bounds on your serve. As each player is eliminated a new one can join the game at square 1.
  • Other Class Games to consider The above list has some of our favorites but here is a list of several other classic outdoor games to consider for igniting your 4th of July festivities.
    • Hopscotch- Players throw a rock onto a sequence of squares drawn with chalk and hop to retrieve the object.
    • Sardines- The opposite of hide and seek. Once the it person is found the other players crowd into the hiding location.
    • Relay Races- You can add water or patriotic items such as flags but this one needs no explanation.
    • Wheelbarrow Races- One player holds anothers feet like the handles of a wheelbarrow.
    • Red Rover- Each team forms a line and challenges a member from the other team to break through their line.
    • 3-Legged Races- Two racers tie their legs together.

These games have proven themselves as favorites throught the years and should create some wonderful memories over the holiday weekend.

This website has numerous scavenger and treasure hunts for kids including our new 4th of July Scavenger Hunt. Please check it out. example 4th of July scavenger hunt clues/riddles