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Scavenger Hunt Ideas

With summer in full bloom, many people have taken to the outdoors for fun and entertainment. Whether having barbecues, shooting off fireworks, or enjoying a relaxing day at the swimming pool, there are countless options for summer fun. One of the most popular ideas for outdoor activities is arranging a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts often consist of at least four people attempting to find odd items of various types. One person is given the task of writing a list of items that must be found by all players in order to win. A scavenger hunt can be as big or small as the players would like it to be, often requiring players to drive around town in search for the items listed. But what are some popular ideas for scavenger hunts?

Some of the most popular items required during a scavenger hunt can often be found in thrift or antique stores. Items can include bizarre jewelry, outdated electronics, or old toys that are no longer being manufactured. These scavenger hunts are typically designed for adults, as the purchase of these items may be necessary; however, scavenger hunt ideas are not always intended for adults.

Being that scavenger hunts can be designed for all ages, many parents create small lists for their children as daily activities, which promotes physical health and can often be quite educational. Children may be required to find specific dates of events in a history book, recover certain specific tools from the garage, or find flowers and plants around the house. This is a great way to inspire children to learn and is often utilized by educators as a means to assist children in teaching themselves. These scavenger hunt ideas can be a great way to entertain, inspire, and educate children.

When adults think of scavenger hunt ideas, they often think of fraternity or sorority games that are played during college. While these games may include adult themes, there are limitless options for items that can be both educational and humorous. As an initiation, many fraternities require newcomers to find odd objects as a way to prove their worth to the brotherhood they wish to join. Many of these scavenger hunts include finding uncommon items, such as rare beer brands, odd clothing, and Greek related oddities.

The summer is a time to be enjoyed, which makes creating a scavenger hunt a great way to have fun with friends and family.

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