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Scavenger Hunt Riddles

A scavenger hunt can be fun for both children and adults. Although just giving someone a list of things to hunt down can be enjoyable, there are ways to add a little extra fun to the game. Whether it's for children or adults, scavenger hunt riddles can make things both more fun and make everyone feel like they achieved more than they would if they had just searched for some things off of a list.

How to write scavenger hunt riddles

If you want to write your own scavenger hunt riddles, you should keep a few guidelines in mind.

Keep It Simple

The first tip is to keep things simple. Especially when you're writing lists for children, simple riddles are often the best ones. Word play is usually the key thing here. A good riddle is hard to figure out, but you slap your head at the obviousness of it once you work it all out. Here's a good example to demonstrate: "The more I dry, the wetter I get." This is a pretty old riddle, but if you haven't come across it before the answer will mystify you until you realize that 'dry' means 'to dry' rather than the thing actually getting dryer. Thus, the answer is a towel.

Keep them Short

Another tip is to keep things short. That doesn't mean you can't have complicated riddles though. "I have a neck, but no head, and I still wear a cap" is short, but it's also quite complicated as far as riddles go. 'Cap' is a little bit of wordplay, meaning a lid and thus a bottle, but it's still quite clever while still being short. In general, if a riddle is more than three lines long and you're aiming for it to either be for children or not require any research, your riddle is too long and you should think of a simpler way to phrase it.

Not Too Hard

Scavenger hunt riddles can be very fun for both the teller and the people having to unravel the mysteries, but make sure not to make them too hard! A riddle with no answer that can't be figured out by anyone but yourself is hardly a riddle at all. If you're organizing a party with multiple people and want to include riddles, then you should run each one by someone else helping you. If too many people take too long or give up, your riddle is probably a little too tricky. If you're doing it by yourself, you should instead talk to someone who won't be at the party.

Hopefully these guides will help everyone at your party have a great time. Just remember to have as much fun making your riddles as everyone else has solving them!

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