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Treasure Hunt Ideas

Treasure hunts are not only limited to small children; they are for anyone of any age. The cleverness and difficulty of a treasure hunt can be customized to fit any age group. Plus, there are both adult and child friendly prizes. When hosting your next big bash or birthday party, consider several treasure hunt ideas that both challenge and entertain guests.

Set-up a treasure hunt in the backyard. A backyard is perfect for creating difficult clues and finding more complex hiding spots. Homeowners have full access to what they choose to hide in the yard and the exact location. Hide a couple of treasure boxes filled with prizes throughout the yard. Include a map inside one or two of them that leads the game players to other hidden treasures. Having several boxes and maps extends the the playing time for guest at the party.

Among the list of unique treasure hunt ideas comes the idea of using movie clips as clues for the hunt. Any movie can work, but consider using one of the popular pirate movies to match the theme of the party. Keep the guests focused on the clues by using only short clips from the movie. For instance, showing a pirate walking a plank may indicate to your guests that the next clue or treasure is located by a plank of wood around your home. Show no more than four clips at one time and ask each team to write down their ideas before setting off to look for their booty.

Divide your guests up into two teams for a competitive survivor style treasure hunt. Ask each team to create their own wacky, fun name. Use handkerchiefs to identify each team by color. Design some mental and physical challenges for teams to earn clues to hidden prizes. Split important clues into three sections, so when they are put together they reveal the location of the hidden treasure. Allow the team that wins to go out on the hunt for the treasure. Encourage the winning team to share the prizes with the losing team.

For party-goers lucky enough to live close to a beach, use it to create a treasure hunt. Bury some hidden treasure in the sand of the beach that is away from other people and in a spot that can be easily remembered later on. Pack a small cooler with novelty toys, party favors and beads. This cooler is the treasure chest that guests will need to seek out. Bury the cooler in the sand, but not too deep. Guests need to be able to dig it up by hand. Hand out a map with clues to the treasure seekers. Give one guest a metal detector to assist in finding the booty more quickly. When considering treasure hunt ideas on the beach, be sure to check with beach authorities before hiding any items to avoid conflict during the party.