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Beach Scavenger Hunt

Beach Scavenger Hunt List

kids having fun at beach
  • 25 creative clues
    • 4-5 year olds will get most clues
    • 6+ year olds will get all clues
  • Step by step directions

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Beach Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Fun at the beach

Need a fun activity to help you enjoy the beach this summer? Having trouble thinking of beach scavenger hunt ideas? Buy and instantly receive this beach scavenger hunt, print the clues, cut them out, and hide them in the location indicated at the bottom of each clue. The last clue/riddle can lead to the hiding place of a special gift or treat. Relax and catch some rays while the kids enjoy themselves searching for the items on the beach scavenger hunt list.

Example Clues/Riddles

  • Knights and kings protect the land,
    with this fortress made of sand. Sandcastle
  • Big and round with stripes and colors,
    blow it up and throw it around with others. Beach Ball
  • Into the sand to dig a hole this tool you’ll send,
    you could even use it to bury a friend Sand Shovel

Hiding Places

We carefully chose the hiding places for beach scavenger hunt items to be things available at the beach. The hunt is designed to allow you to easily leave out or change the order of the clues. And with 25 clues you have plenty of clues to keep the kids busy if you choose to leave out a few clues.
Examples: sandcastle, beach ball, towel, sand pail/bucket, seashell, beach umbrella, flip-flops, boogie board, frisbee, sand shovel

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