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Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Example Clues/Riddles

example egg hunt clues for kids

Easter Egg Hunt Clues, Riddles

Egg Hunts Don't Last, More Fun and Games Outdoors

Parents - add a new twist by making the egg hunt a scavenger hunt and keep the children occupied and entertained while you devil the Easter eggs and put the last touches on the holiday ham. Buy and instantly receive the easter egg hunt, print the clues, cut them out, and hide them in the location indicated at the bottom of each clue. The clues can be folded and put inside plastic easter eggs if you choose. The last clue can lead to the hiding place of a special gift or treat. Give your children this fun family memory.

  • Professional design
  • 10 creative clues
    • 4-5 year olds will get most clues
    • 6+ year olds will get all clues
  • Step by step directions

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Hiding Places

We carefully chose the hiding places for the clues to be locations everyone should have around their home.
Examples: faucet or hose, mailbox, lawn mower, front door, car, etc....

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